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Peninsula Area Public Access (PAPA)

Welcome to Peninsula Area Public Access Online! The network features broadcasts of high school sporting events, films and documentaries produced by local filmmakers, local news, local business and government open meetings, local speeches and debates held by potential candidates for city and/or county public office plus much more!

This network is a home for anyone in Northwest Washington interested in producing their own content.  We pledge to spotlight as much local talent as the world can handle and as much of the local beauty of our community and surrounding area as possible…

Buy an annual membership

$50 for residents of Clallam County • $75 for non-residents • (students get a $10 discount)

Organizational Members

$ 300 for organizations with a primary place of business in Clallam County • $ 400 for organizations located outside Clallam County

Submit all the programming you like in digital format MP4.

              PAPA TV on WAVE Channel 21 belongs to everyone.
  Be a part of something fun and see your video programs on the air.

Public Meetings & Candidate Forums

Peninsula Area Public Access Television is proud to bring viewers the public meetings held by local businesses and government boards.   PAPA TV will feature highlights from the filmed meetings on the network and all meetings will be posted online and archived on this website! (Convenient, right?)

For more information about the schedule of public meetings or to find out how to get involved…


The Board of Directors

Board Memebers

The majority of voting members controlling the interests of PAPA serve as part of the Board of Directors.  Including the executive members of the company, the Board of Directors hold multiple open meetings each month to discuss and vote on the current business issues concerning Peninsula Area Public Access.


As a non-profit organization, the governing board of PAPA is comprised of professionals across the northwest peninsula.  Some of our board members include Port Angeles City Officials,Collegiate & High School District Representatives, Award-Winning Television & Film Producers, Local Business Owners and Public Access Enthusiasts

The executive board and committee chairmen serve as the primary driving force behind PAPA’s direction.


For more information on the role of individual committee’s within PAPA or for individual members of the  Board of Directors, click the picture below…


Get Involved!

PA Octopus.jpg

Whether you are interested in the local community, advertising your business with us, sponsoring a program or event, producing your own creative content, learning more about film & television or even using our state-of-the-art studio and production equipment – you’ve come to the right place.  PAPA is driven to get your voice heard!

Don’t wait! This is your chance to take advantage of your public access television network.  Find out all the ways you can get involved with this local movement and bring a new wave of energy to our community!

Local Television Made Available to the Public of the Pacific Northwest


PAPALGO The goal of PAPA is to provide public, educational and government programming on up to three channels available on the Wave Cable line-up. PAPA will also provide equipment and training for anyone in the community who seeks to produce their own programming for local and international consumption. Any budding film-maker now has an opportunity to create a television program or full length movie.

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