Presentations & Special Events

Presentations & Special Event Coverage

Local producers are filming activities across the county.
Scroll below to watch some highlights from these events and keep checking back for more…


Olympic Peninsula People’s Climate March April 29, 2017



Cascadia Earthquake Presentation, Blyn Wa April 2017

Members of Clallam County Fire Department #3 give a community presentation on Cascadia Earthquake Response Preparedness in the Blyn Wa area. Guest speaker is Assistant Fire chief Dan Orr. The event held at the S’kallam Jamestown Tribal Center in April 2017.



Ross Hamilton’s Olympics

A film on well-known Olympic Peninsula large format landscape photographer Ross Hamilton. Ross Hamilton has been recognized as an advocate for the beauty of the Olympic Peninsula and for his spectacular camera work within the Olympic National Park for nearly 50 years.


Cascadia Rising Presentation January 2017

Presentations to the Washington State Senate Ways and Means Committee from a variety of Emergency Management Experts concerning the early warnings and preparedness of Cascadia Rising. Included here are presentations by Dr. John Vidale, Lt Colonel Clay Braun, Jim Buck (Clallam County) and Robert Ezelle. Thank you to TVW for permission to rebroadcast on PAPA TV.


Gathering for Hope 1/21/17

Local gathering of hopeful individuals in response to the new Washington Administration. Gathering, singing and sharing stories in downtown Port Angeles and the Elwha Heritage Center. February 21 2017.


 Clallam County Tsunami Readiness Presentation

Links to more special events

Clallam County Historical Society Special Presentation with Jack Hughes, February 5 2017

Clallam County Historical Society Presentation, February 5 2017


Constitution 101- Lecture Series with Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin.

Constitution 101-Lesson 1 with Lindsey Schromen-WawrinSeparation of Powers and the Structure of Government

Constitution 101-Lesson 2 with Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin, The Judicial Branch

Constitution 101-Lesson 3 with Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin, Preemptions

Tri-County Progressive Meeting 02-25-2017

Tri-County Progressive Meeting 02-25-2017


Joyce Daze 2016

Joyce Daze 2016


Defending Affordable Health Care, January 15 2017

Defending Affordable Health Care, January 15 2017



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