Life Journey

Dr. Ralph Smith tackles the tough topics that face our community and offers resources and help available locally…

Missed an episode on TV?  Not to worry – we have all aired episodes archived below!

Episode #1 -Domestic Violence with Special Guest Detective Brian Knutson

Episode #2 – Substance Abuse in the Family with Special Guest Juliette Anderson

Episode #3 – Effects of Substance Abuse with Special Guest Detective Brian Knutson

Episode #4 – Developing a Life Plan with Special Guest Camrin Meyer

Episode #5 – Questions from the Community

Episode #6 – Healthy Family Relationships

Episode #7 – Managing the Grief Process

Season 2, Episode #1-Senior/Family Wellness with Guest Nate Maxwell

Season 2, Episode #2-Counseling Connection with Guest Nate Maxwell

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Life Journey is produced by Dr. Ralph Smith and Northwest Peninsula Media

Filmed in Port Angeles, WA